About us

street culture and where we stand

Epitome was created and inspired by a simple idea.

“Stay True to Yourself“

We profoundly believe that apparel is in our lives to brighten up our moods and push our capabilities to our true potential, not the other way around.

In an era where brands trying to sell images and personalities rather than products, Epitome stands with each of our members to make sure they live their lives on their own terms by accompanying them to their defining moments.

Committed to creating products from premium materials that make you feel and be your best self, we welcome you to our culture.

Epitome is a trading name, a company registered in Greece under company number 159297604000 with registered address at Eleftherias 57, Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki, 56123. You can contact us by writing to us at this address or by emailing us at contact@epitomeskg.com.